The origin of Wild Spring water is the impressive gorge country known as the Bulga Plateau. Wild Spring Water flows from the highest point on the Bulga Plateau – an awe inspiring 2624 feet above sea level.

The Bulga Plateau is the very edge of the Great Dividing Range of New South Wales, Australia’s most substantial mountain range and the third longest land based range in the world.

Due to the Elevation and proximity (orographic effect) to the coast, the Bulga Plateau is a magnet for rain bearing clouds, annual rainfall can be as high as 1.8 meters per year. These rain bearing clouds are constantly recharging the fractured rock aquifers connected to the Wild Spring source.

A Local Solution

We are hands-on in the entire process, from collecting the spring water from Bulga Plateau to Bottling and Delivering to homes and businesses in the area. We are proudly the only spring water supplier in the area that offers locally sourced water.

Mineral Rich

When you’re drinking Wild Spring Water you get the unique benefits of heightened minerals and nutrients due to the water leeching the nutrient-rich volcanic rock faces as the water travels to our tapping facility.

Focus for Sustainability

Wild Spring was founded to give people a healthy alternative to other, less sustainable drinking methods, while remaining 100% local in every aspect.

Our Bottles are reusable, and after cleaning and sterilisation are ready for reuse. The only bits not reused are the bottle caps, which are recycled. This means the only product you consume is the water, and your waste potential is virtually zero.

Volcanic in Nature

Our Young Volcanic spring water filters through a volcanic rock system that is thousands of years old.

Pure Water to your door

We deliver for free and can drop by weekly, fortnightly or simply on call. Each fresh 15L bottle costs $11 and contains the same quantity as 25 600ml water bottles.

Sourced from the Bulga Plateau

Sourced locally from close to the Ellenborough Falls, then sterilisation with UV, you can expect a natural and pure water, and only the healthiest and safest water makes it to your home or business.

Significantly reduce waste

Consuming 1 Wild Spring bottle a week for a year is the equivalent to sparing 1305 disposable 600mL plastic bottles from the environment.

Healthy for the Body and Mind

Our water comes from a local natural spring, with a great taste and a balance of natural minerals, you can be sure you’re giving your body what nature intended.

Locally owned and operated

Every step involved is done with love by people that live and work in our local community.

we deliver more than just water

We strive to build strong and friendly relationships with all our customers. See what some have to say about us.


Tuncurry Natural Health Clinic

We use Wild Spring water for our business and our home. We value our health and feel happy knowing the source and quality of the product we are consuming. Great service and an easy payment system means we don’t have to worry about not having great tasting water all of the time

Anne Schubert

Bowen Therapy Treatments - Forster

After a number of years as a satisfied customer I have recommended Wild Spring Water to family and friends. Always pleasant reliable and obliging, And the water, fresh as a mountain stream.

Andrew Diessel


love the convenience of Wild Spring Water. Every 2nd Monday there’s 2 new bottles on my doorstep. It’s great to be able to pay online and not have to worry about cash going missing!